Learning Modules

The Responsible Tobacco NV training will teach you everything you need to know to prevent the sale of tobacco products to minors. When you take the quiz, you will learn about each of the following seven areas. The content of the training is included below so anyone can revisit the lessons at any time. Click on the links below to learn about tobacco laws and procedures.

  1. Federal and State Laws and Regulations
  2. Tobacco Products Covered by Tobacco 21
  3. Compliance Inspections & Fines and Penalties
  4. Age Verification Techniques & Verifying Authenticity of Photo
  5. Refusing Sales
  6. Health Effects of Tobacco Use: Youth & Adults

Each module contains the learning materials the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recommends all tobacco retailers should know and understand regarding Tobacco 21. Upon completion of the 6 learning modules, participants will take a comprehensive Quiz in which they will earn Certification as a Nevada Responsible Tobacco Retailer.

The program also provides print materials for each of the learning modules that can be used for self-study off-line, as well as a thorough , in-store training guide focused on Role-playing real-life scenarios of customer interactions and how to comply with Tobacco 21 Laws and Regulations.

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