Nevada's Responsible Tobacco Sales Training

To help keep Nevada's store owners and employees from getting hefty fines and prevent kids from using tobacco products, we’ve created a free training program, quiz, and official certificate of completion for tobacco merchants and their employees. Our Responsible Tobacco Sales Training goes over everything from how to properly check an ID to how to handle complicated customer interactions and make the right call.

Why we care

The Nevada Responsible Tobacco Sales Training is an online tool created by community stakeholders and state agencies throughout the state of Nevada. Tobacco merchants play an important role in the protection of Nevada's youth, and the community stakeholders and state agencies involved in this training want to help ensure merchants have the tools they need to do so.

About Our Online Training

The online course and quiz consists of seven sections with learning materials followed by quiz questions. At the end of the course, if you pass, you will be awarded a completion certificate. This certificate can be used to show you can properly check an ID, handle a complicated customer interaction, and know the laws of tobacco sales.

Merchant Info

When a secret shopper is sent in by law enforcement, and the employee sells tobacco products to the underage secret shopper, the employee can be fined, issued a criminal citation, and is often fired. The merchant may also be fined by the FDA. If this cycle continues, the merchant’s business can suffer from constant turnover and heavy fines. The result is a bad reputation and even potential closure of the store. Promoting responsible tobacco sales benefits the whole community- protect yourself, your business, and local youth by making responsible tobacco sales decisions!