Nevada's Responsible Tobacco Sales Training

The Nevada Responsible Tobacco Retailer Training Program was developed to provide the information and tools necessary for employees of retailers that sell tobacco products, to comply with the Federal and State of Nevada laws, including regulations, restricting the sale and distribution, including youth access, and the advertising and promotion of cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and covered tobacco products. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) believes that the elements used in this training program are effective in attaining compliance.

Why We Care

Nevada youth, particularly middle and high school age, and young adults, 18-20, are faced with an epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially stated that the statistics of tobacco use, predominately e-cigarette use, among these age groups qualifies it as an epidemic. Tobacco use is the #1 cause of preventable disease, disability, and death. Recently released, the CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey, reported 1 of every 4 Nevada high school students reported vaping in the past 30 days. The survey also relayed that 24.1% of Nevada’s high school students are currently smoking e-cigarettes and/or vaping; that equals about 91,719 high school youth.

Responsible Tobacco Retailer

Training Program

The Nevada Responsible Tobacco Retailer Training Program consists of a complete web-based learning platform which contain 6 modules: Federal and State Laws and Regulations, Tobacco Products Covered by Tobacco 21,Compliance Inspections & Fines and Penalties, Age Verification Techniques & Verifying Authenticity of Photo, Refusing Sales, and Health Effects of Tobacco Use: Youth & Adults.

Merchant Info

When a compliance inspector (secret shopper) is sent in by law enforcement, and the employee sells a tobacco product to an underage inspector, the employee can be fined, issued a civil citation, and is often fired. The merchant may also be fined by the State and/or the FDA. If this cycle continues, the merchant’s business can suffer from constant turnover and heavy fines. The result is a bad reputation and even potential closure of the store. Promoting responsible tobacco sales benefits the whole community- protect yourself, your business, and local youth by making responsible tobacco sales decisions!