Retail Merchant Information

This site was designed as a resource to help merchants ensure proper training of staff members in regards to selling tobacco products. This online training provides an overview of federal and state laws, tobacco products, how to properly check ID’s, and dealing with challenging customer interactions. At the end, there will be a short quiz that will test knowledge of these topics. Once completed, the employee or owner will receive a certificate of completion. This site is also meant to be a resource to return to whenever an employee is unclear about anything related to the selling of tobacco products.

We also have additional resources for you to download to make sure you have the most updated and accurate information regarding laws and regulations to the selling of tobacco products:

Additionally, as a retailer of tobacco products, it is important to have proper signage throughout your establishment. Proper signage will remind both the consumer and employees to check identification for all those looking to purchase tobacco products. You can obtain free materials from the Food and Drug Administration’s This is Our Watch campaign. The website will connect you with the latest resources available.

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