Fines and Penalties

Fines and penalties can be given to any retail employee who is caught selling tobacco products to minors. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will check businesses to make sure tobacco is not being sold to minors and federal tobacco laws are being followed. If the FDA finds a business is selling tobacco to a minor, the business will be punished.

The State of Nevada also conducts inspections to make sure tobacco is not being sold to minors. If the State finds a clerk selling tobacco to a minor, a citation can be written for the violation of Nevada Revised Statute 202.2493, which states it is unlawful for any person to sell, distribute or offer to sell tobacco in any form or cigarette papers to a child under the age of 18 years. The State also prohibits the sale of vapor and alternative nicotine products to minors. Violators shall be punished by a fine of not more than $500.00 and a civil penalty of not more than $500.00. The total amount a clerk can be fined is $1,000.00.